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Powering global capital markets

Backstop empowers the institutional investment community with a suite of connected intelligence services that consolidate market information into a single source of truth.

Our agile, purpose-built platform gives you the actionable insights you need to drive your investment strategies, optimize decision-making, deepen relationships and achieve new levels of operational excellence.

Client relationships

Magnify your credibility and authority within the industry to enhance capital raising, build trust, and attract new clients.

Backstop enables you to demonstrate and leverage market-leading levels of industry understanding, while revolutionizing due diligence to identify promising partnerships. Foster maximum visibility and collaboration along with consistent, transparent communication.

Confidence and trust

Backstop is committed to the total integrity and security of your data, maximizing the all-round effectiveness of your institutional knowledge.

Leverage the combined, proven intelligence and analytics credentials of Backstop and ION Analytics to navigate the complexities of institutional investment with unmatched assurance and dynamism.

Intelligent insight

Backstop enables you to cut through the noise and distractions of the institutional investment market to achieve your strategic goals.

Harness our analytics, integration and automation services to drive confident, data-backed activity across your organization. Achieve total alignment and vision clarity between teams, while making more precise decisions at every stage.

Research and reporting

Centralise and manage your research activity for efficiency, control and visibility, while effortlessly zeroing in on important data.

Backstop’s research, due diligence and documentation management tools optimize multi-asset research, portfolio management and capital deployment decisions, while making tailored reporting readily available to stakeholders.

Strategic agility

Navigate the evolving investment landscape with an intelligent platform that adapts to your business and client needs.

Backstop solutions provide efficient, centralized data flows that help you capitalize on industry shifts and seize the competitive edge. Revolutionize research management and due diligence while attracting, managing and retaining capital.