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Covenant analysis that guides fixed income professionals

The experience of our lawyers, the breadth of our document library and searchable database, and volume of special reports give you a distinct advantage when analysing bond and loan covenants, dissecting investment risks and identifying leveraged finance trends.

  • Identify off-market items, loopholes and other material terms in live and past deals
  • Understand key legal terms quickly and easily
  • Get reports pre-pricing and pre-commitments
  • Quickly find precedent language and extract covenant data points from our databases
  • Special reports on credit events and market trends
  • Consult our partner-level team of lawyers
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Our Offerings

Xtract Research Loans

In-depth analysis on credit agreements from North America and facility agreements from Europe.

Xtract Research Bonds

Bond covenant analysis with the ability to compare covenants.

Xtract Research Special Reports

Navigate market moving events and stay on top of the latest trends

Xtract Research Deal Data

Access thousands of key terms and data points and search key terms in our bond and loan libraries