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Who’s Afraid of Positive Real Interest Rates? – Special Report

24 October 2018 - 12:00 am

The recent slide in the price of US Treasuries (from a yield of 2.85% in the last week of August 2018, to around 3.20% by mid-October) has potentially cracked the upwardly floating glass bubble in which the equity markets – and asset prices in general – have been riding. The market has seen this sort of price break before, but the reaction – especially in the consumer sector and home mortgages – means this time may be different. 

Please click here to access this special report, authored by Norbert J. Gaillard and Richard J. Michalek. 


Norbert Gaillard is an economist and independent consultant (www.norbertgaillard.com). His main areas of expertise are public debt, sovereign risk, country risk, and credit rating agencies. He has written more than 20 research articles and published three books since 2010.


Richard J. Michalek is a New York-based independent legal and financial consultant. He has consulted on a number of complex structured derivative litigation matters, and continues to consult hedge funds, private equity investors and government agencies on matters relating to the rating agencies and their processes.


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