Press Release: Indian bankruptcy data now available on Debtwire - Debtwire

Press Release: Indian bankruptcy data now available on Debtwire

26 September 2019 - 12:00 am

Hong Kong, September 26, 2019 – Debtwire, the leading provider of expert news, data and analysis on global leveraged credit, today announced the launch of Indian bankruptcy data on its Restructuring Data platform.
The 2016 launch of India’s new Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code created an unprecedented opportunity – but researching these cases and understanding the broader market is an extremely difficult task. Debtwire’s Restructuring Data has changed all that with a new, comprehensive data set focusing on India.
For 15 years, Debtwire has provided the investor and advisor communities with market-moving news, key data points and in-depth research across the lifecycle of a credit. The India expansion matches Debtwire’s vast footprint in India, covering notable bankruptcy cases with at least USD 100m equivalent of funded debt.
Each case is examined by Debtwire’s expert analysts and tagged with key legal and restructuring issues, involved creditors and advisors, and important restructuring milestones as they happen – supplementing publicly available information with exclusive analyses.
Complemented by our editorial coverage, Debtwire doesn’t just track the first day, but follows each case all day, every day. Users can filter information across hundreds of case metrics, generate real-time versions of crucial in-depth reports and generate custom searches and league tables.
“The Indian bankruptcy dataset is a game changer for the restructuring marketplace,” said Joshua Friedman, Global Head of Restructuring Data for Debtwire. “Researching bankruptcy cases has meant long hours digging through far-flung sources of public information. Debtwire’s Restructuring Data platform has changed all that. It is designed around ease of use and tailored to each user’s needs. You can zoom in on critical details or zoom out to quickly identify connections with a bird’s eye view of the market.”
The database includes key information, such as:
  • Case and company information
  • Involved creditors and investors
  • Judge and court profiles
  • Advisory mandates
The Restructuring Database, an integral component of the Restructuring Data portal, also features a robust dataset of transactional data for debt trades, allowing investors to analyse the distressed Indian marketplace. The database also enables custom league tables to rank the leading firms in the restructuring space, so that advisors can see how they stack up against their competition.
As the market is increasingly dependent on data and analytics to fuel business decisions, the India expansion on Restructuring Data is just one of the many enhancements to Debtwire’s offering.