How can we help - Debtwire

By using Debtwire, you can gain insight as to whether a credit:

Requires Financing 
Is Becoming Stressed or Distressed
Faces Covenant or Legal Risk
A Turnaround Investment Opportunity
Needs Advisors

Insights that give you the edge:

From breaking news to the most in-depth research, Acuris’ Fixed Income content has helped debt market experts everywhere propel ahead.
Advisors, consultants, asset managers and trading professionals around the world rely on our services to refine their decision- making and gain crucial competitive advantage.

Debtwire for the trading community

We bring clarity to a market where it can be hard to know what’s happening now – and even harder to predict what will happen next.

We do this with expert reporting, commentary and analysis that helps buyside subscribers understand and build their portfolios effectively

Ideal for the investment community and trading desks, Debtwire products offer the following key benefits:

  • Get the full story on restructurings and the players involved
  • Make decisions with the confidence they’re based on independent, impartial research
  • Explore opportunities to capitalize on distressed situations, explore opportunities to acquire assets
  • Understand whether or not bond covenants work in your favour

Debtwire for the advisory community

Top priorities for investment and advisory professionals looking for new business: Am I seeing as many opportunities as possible? And can I get to them before my competitors do?

With global breadth, market depth and a reputation for breaking stories first, our solutions give advisory professionals confidence they have the market covered.

Ideal for leveraged finance professionals, legal & financial advisors, restructuring & turnaround practitioners, Debtwire products offer the following key benefits:

  • Identify restructuring/ financing mandate opportunities ahead of competitors
  • Uncover stressed, distressed M&A opportunities
  • Understand loan and bond covenants to capture new business
  • Pitch on mandates for business before loans and bonds mature