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Debtwire gives fixed income professionals an edge in leveraged finance, distressed debt and direct lending.

Subscribers choose Debtwire for speed and depth of coverage they can’t get anywhere else. Our reporters talk to an impressive range of contacts every day to bring you valuable early insight into fast-evolving situations.

To complement your newsfeed, Debtwire’s credit analysis and research teams provide deep technical details and angles that help you understand situations more clearly.

  • Follow credit situations as they unfold
  • Find advisory and investment opportunities in stressed, distressed, restructuring situations in corporate and municipal debt markets
  • Understand how regulatory developments are affecting asset-backed securities
  • Capture early stage primary opportunities and stay on top of the leveraged market
  • Gain critical insight into balance sheets
  • Spot market trends with our databases
  • Get real-time updates on your mobile or email
  • Dive deep with our podcasts and webinars
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Debtwire Emerging Markets

Debtwire publishes real-time news, analysis and data on the distressed-debt, leveraged-finance and high-yield markets across Asia, CEEMEA and Latin America.

Debtwire Europe

Debtwire brings much-needed clarity to the European leveraged finance, distressed debt and corporate restructuring universes.

Debtwire Municipals

Debtwire Municipals breaks news on distressed and high-yield single-name borrowers in the USD 3.7tn municipal bond market.

Debtwire North America

With insight into North American high-yield bond and leveraged loan markets, Debtwire covers capital raises, ongoing restructurings and post-restructuring situations.

Debtwire ABS

Market-leading intelligence on structured finance.